Have You Ever Noticed, We Tend To Apologise After We've Spoken?

A call for a playful experiment: Let’s take our place in our space- just love,

no apologies, no surrender today ❤️

Have you ever noticed we tend to apologise after we have spoken. ��❤️

We all have that little doubting voice that sometimes pops out...and it can be easy to see it as a part of us we are not happy with. But still, that little whisper inside of us is only trying to keep us safe.

The difference is that it doesn’t know as well as you do. It is not as brave as you are.

At those moments when you are following your insight and inner wisdom; you are far brighter, far wiser and far stronger than the little voice that is still trying to play safe.

Let’s give our little voices a loving hug today. Let’s take it by the hand lead it to see how wonderful the world and you are. Let’s play fully today. Let’s experiment and see, what could go right today.


I can hear your wisdom

from inside

I can see your light

and it guides me

Somewhere we learnt

to drive with dim lights

and be careful

so we wouldn’t offend

or worst of it all;

we might make them to think

“What would the people then think?”

“Perhaps I spoke too much?”

“Maybe I laughed too much?”

“I wrote too much or stood tall…”

My lovely dear friend

I call you now

Today shine bright with your light

Take all of your space

Take place in your space

Let your voice heard and stand very tall

let your wisdom flow,

do this today

And if that voice starts to whisper

turn your light even brighter

and know my friend,

you are shining the way

for others

to see their light too.

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