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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Musings of moving forward

Learning to cope and succeed with NLP Hypnotherapy Relaxation Techniques and Counselling in Newcastle Upon Tyne

We are moving forward in time…We know this is true, even though we cannot be exactly certain what lies ahead. This is a thought that many of us have been very aware of during these strange times we are living right now. If you relate, I would like to offer you encouragement with this gentle reminder: you have all that it takes to get through this!

It is in your very nature, in your deepest inner core, to be able to live through times without knowing what the future will be like. This is one level of the nature of our awareness and existence, isn’t it?

We are time travellers with a powerful tardis of our mind and imagination. It may sound flippant, but we truly create our future as an illusion of “a known destination” and “the platform of reality” where we arrive time after time. I prove this to you: remember last March when working from home was a strange territory and many of us didn’t know where the boundaries lie? Some doubled the hours and still felt guilty. It took time to create new routines. We built them from scratch. We created “normality”. We learned to Zoom and turn on the internet audio too!

There were hot sunny spells. There were times when it rained outside and indoors. We worked. We built healing and safe feeling spaces for us in a garden. We listened at the birds. We cooked and baked. All of us learnt something individually, like you did too.

Our learning inside is more difficult to describe. What are the diameters of your peace you created and kept looking after? What unit should you use to measure your resilience to breathe through scary scenarios in the private theatre of your mind only to bounce back to your external reality and have a lockdown lunch?

We are learning and moving forward in our internal experiences and whatever unit you choose to use to measure your growth inside, its effects are noticeable. We, as individuals, resemble ourselves in August more than we are similar to who we were in March. We have experienced and learnt so much since those days. During the journey from there to here, we were able to adjust and do many things we didn’t think could be possible or even needed from us. But looking back shows that we did. A caterpillar does not know it can fly before it flies. Yet it has an innate ability to do so. And it allows its ability to run wild and shine with flying colours.

This is why I am writing these musings of movement. When we arrive to the future, we create the present with our expectations and learning from the past. It is the only way. It is all learning that we know and have experienced.

The time we are arriving into, gives us a good opportunity to look at what learnings we want to hold on to now. What aspects do you want to keep in your life? Can you visualise how specifically are you going to keep them? And most importantly, what would it look like in your life if you could start every day like a caterpillar; allow your innate wisdom, power and ability to surprise you in more ways than one- find out that you can fly.

Butterfly on flower. Flying with beautiful colours. Metaphor for learning to cope and transform and flourish after covid19 , Using Northern Light's NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and RElaxation techniques. Therapist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Learning to cope and fly with NLP Hypnotherapy Relaxation Techniques and Counselling

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