Feeling Good, Comes From Within

I had had two pregnancies very close together and both of my beautiful boys were still babies . Life was both a bliss and a huge challenge as with heavy sleep deprivation and the lack of any time for myself, I tended to move from one day to another entirely and exclusively as “a mum”. Myself seemed to have vanished from my days.

We were visiting my family in Finland and all of the sudden my sister-in-law said over a coffee cup: “We need to go and get you new bras”. While trying not to choke on my bun and embarrassment, I asked how did she even know I needed them.�� This wonderful woman replied: “You are wearing the same jeans and tops you had last time when you came to Finland. Although they are nice, you have bought them before you had the babies. If you don’t get new tops, you will not bother with new underwear for sure. Go and get new ones. Appreciate yourself from inside and see how it makes you feel.”

My sister-in-law is my hero. ❤️ With that slightly embarrassing and a very practical action, she

helped me to realise that appreciating myself from inside and taking practical actions to experience

this in my life, helped me to be a much better mum too.

When we are weary, feeling lost or disconnected, it can be difficult to look after ourselves.

Going out for a walk, having a shower or eating well and good food may seem as something

that is just too much to do. This is a human experience and we all have been there. Life and

our thoughts distract and trick us at times to feel that we would have lost the connection

with our true self, our value, our light and inner peace.

But here’s the thing; it is not real. The disconnection with your true self is never real. Your

ability to move through this place to another time and a space, where you can feel better,

is still there. It always is. But we are humans and as our life moves in ebbs and flows, we at

times visit that place where our light escapes us. But it is always temporary, like waves.

We can feel that the connection is lost. In fact, it is very easy for us to believe that because

it feels true in the moment.. But believe this my friend; you connection with your light is

still there. It is like a switch that is just turned off for a bit. I know that you know this,

because like me, you have come out from these days before. As humans, we can never stay

permanently in the same feeling or emotional state. Have you ever felt one feeling

consistently all day? Every moment of that day? Even when you brushed your teeth or fell


Some days switching the light on seems something we cannot or perhaps don’t even want

to do. Staying still feels safer. But that feeling itself can be your conscious confirmation that

you can. Stand up. Literally move, change your position and take yourself to another room.

Turn the switch on by doing one simple action, that is enough to change the way you are


When you allow your thoughts to naturally flow, the feelings they have come with move

too. It is this natural movement inside of you that brings you a better feeling, like wave on a

beach. Ebbs and flows. It doesn’t take much to encourage this movement as it is your

natural state of low. Stand up. Go for a walk outside. Feel the wind on your face. Have a

shower and wash your hair. Smell the fragrance of your favourite shampoo. Or buy a new

bra. Appreciation comes from inside to outside.

If you would like to find more ways how to motivate yourself to add self-care routine to

your days, CLICK HERE to get in touch to enquire about my online self-care program or call me on 07920 762295.

Let’s give our self-care at least the same amount of time as we give to our teeth and hair!

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