Feeling Good, Comes From Within

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I didn't always know how to self-care. The truth is, I sucked at it.

It was much to do with my self-worth. But when I had two pregnancies close together, that is when my self-care really left us.

Life was both a bliss and a huge challenge. I lacked sleep or any other time for myself and became "a mum".

I seemed to have vanished from our days.

One day, an older friend said with a matter-of-fact voice over a coffee cup: "We need to get you new underpants".

While trying not to choke on my bun and embarrassment, I asked what made her think I needed them.

She replied: "You are wearing the same clothes you had before you had the babies. If you don't get new tops, you will not bother with new underwear. It's time to get new ones. Appreciate yourself from inside and see how it makes you feel."

She will always be my hero.

With that one embarrassing note, my friend empowered me to realise that it was ok to look after myself.

It wasn't only vital to my well-being. It made me a better mum.

When life throws us big challenges, we can feel too tired to self-care.

A shower, walk or eating good food can seem too much during those times. We are freezing to survive.

Oh, and my friend, if you know how it feels to ignore even your need to drink or have a wee until you really have to go, then please know you are not alone! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Lack of self-care hurts silently.

It can feel like we have lost our natural flow.

I've been there. I know many of us have been there too. Please do remember that you are not alone.

Our thoughts can trick us into feeling that we have lost the connection

with our true self, our value, our light and inner peace.

But here's the thing; the disconnection with your true self is never absolute.

Your power to take actions that help is still within you.

It always is.

It is like a WIFI connection that is turned off.

There are days when turning the connection on seems raw, and staying still and alone feels safer.

But the thing is, it's not true.

We are never as stuck as it feels.

We have the natural ebb and flow in our spirit and nervous system.

They keep us in our flow. The only thing we need is action and support.

The actions don't need to be big.

​​Stand up. Go for a walk. Feel the wind on your face. Have a

shower and wash your hair. Smell the fragrance of your favourite shampoo.

​​​Or buy new underpants.

Self-worth ripples from inside. I learned it the hard way with too many exhausted tears.

​​​That is why my passion is to help others get there quicker than I did.

I am a coach. Because of my work, I have seen how mindful self-care helps us feel resilient and enjoy our precious life.

During the first lockdown summer, I realised how much people needed this. I wanted to do my bit and help as many as possible.

I created a group with a much lower fee than one-to-one coaching can have.

People loved it. The group grew, and we now have one of the friendliest spaces online where I share daily steps that nurture our resilience.

Our private group is called The Inner Light. We hold our space on Facebook, and our ethos is: you are more than enough.

If you'd like to find out how self-care can clear stress and overwhelm, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

You can find me via Facebook or come and say "Hi" at my Insta account.


It's my passion and honour to help women like you and me discover simple steps that bring resilience and joy back into our days.

Even if you choose not to take this action and contact me, I ask you to remember:

You are always much more than enough, even on days when it doesn't feel real.

( I leave this short video about the power of positive intentions here for anyone who needs to hear it today. It was filmed the same summer when the Inner Light was born to support women like you and me in our everyday lives.)

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