Releasing Layers of Old

You have found this meditation for a reason. It's time to take that step and begin, once and for all, the journey of discovery of the deepest meanings your younger self made about the pain you experienced in the past. By taking this step to start your journey, you will be able to see how much stronger you are now. You can feel all the feelings and see all the meanings that were made without the wisdom you have now. Allow this experience to go through and through you with its force and trust your power to hold you.You are now wiser. You are now older. The learnings your unconscious mind had kept holding on are made without the knowledge you have today. Go back along the river of time to meet your true self, before any of those meanings were made. Embrace, gather and harness your power and then return to the time where your experience took place and meanings were made by your younger self. With your light you will experience your true power inside and your arrival will be a magnificent. From trauma to triumph. This meditation can be your first step in your beautiful journey of discovery. You can be free from meanings that were not true at all. Find support. Find what helps you to continue this journey of releasing the old emotional echoes that have kept filtering to your present responses. Find your freedom step by step from the past meanings that don’t hold the truth and you don’t need to hold on to them anymore.