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My name is Satu. I am a Finnish and British mother of 2 boys. I am a Transformational Coach and have Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP
Master practitioner and BACP registered counsellor qualifications.


I believe we all have innate wisdom and power within.


 In my sessions, my job is to create relaxing and safe conditions and questions that help you  to connect with your wisdom and  insight. You are more than enough.


You got this!

You can find me and my online business Northern Light- coaching  from Instagram.


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Where do our stories begin? What point in time do we choose to see as the start of our story?

I grew up next to a forest in a small village in Finland. My childhood memories are filled with images
of trees and the peace in the nature.

My youth was both wonderfully fun, as well as aching inside while trying to find out where to belong
and from where to find that peace I had experienced as a child.

Or would two heavy suitcases that I lifted up from a hall, be the beginning of my journey? I remember carrying them to a taxi; the start of my journey to the airport , to England and to study a Masters Degree in the Newcastle University.

Life happened. I was offered such an interesting job as a field archaeologist and I decided to stay “for
a bit”. This was over 20 years ago.

Is my decision to train as a counsellor a starting point to this story? Despite pregnancy linked nausea
and baby related sleep deprivation, I was deeply excited and delighted to take those steps in
learning and working to help others as counsellor.

I studied further NLP and clinical hypnotherapy and the eclectic therapy approaches enabled me to
realise on a very deep and real level, how we have a power to heal from inside. We really do. The
peace of the trees was waiting within me. In many ways, this is the start of my story too.

It is my passion as a coach, as a therapist and as a human to empower you to connect and trust your
inner wisdom, realise your innate resilience and follow your insight that have enabled you to get
through every difficult challenge in the past and brought you to this moment. Like mine brought
me to this moment too. We all have that light within.

After 20 years, I still live in Newcastle- now with my two boys, husband Noel and cat called Thor. I
am grateful that I followed my inner wisdom, sometimes unwittingly, and that silent inner voice
guided me to this point. Everyday is the start of a new story. If you want to make this day to be the
day when you take that important step towards the life you want to lead, don’t wait anymore. Make
an action. Now.


Education and Work Experience

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Masters in Letters in Social Archaeology

Newcastle University


Foundation Degree in Counselling

University of Leeds


NLP Practitioner

Communicating Excellence


Communicating Excellence

NLP Master Practitioner


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Communicating Excellence


Master in Science in Archaeology

York University


I'd love to hear from you.  
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